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Joint Replacement

After joint replacement surgery, it is essential to pursue a physical therapy regimen to recover and rehabilitate the full range of motion of the joint. Typically, directly following joint replacement surgery the patient will work with his or her surgeon and physical therapist to create an individualized program of rehabilitation. It is important to pursue physical therapy after surgery because scar tissue around the site of replacement can strengthen and result in a loss of motion.

When you come in for physical therapy after joint replacement, our physical therapists will assess your pain, body alignment, range of motion, and the strength and condition of the skin around the joint. He or she will then initiate a treatment plan, setting goals for you to get back to your normal activities, as well as estimating your prescribed number of visits. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to your full range of motion in the joint, as well as restore its strength and endurance.

Our knowledgeable and caring staff can relieve the pain and swelling that accompanies joint replacement surgery. Schedule an appointment with Physical Therapy in New Jersey today for the best in professional treatment.

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