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Why Be Strong?

Older bodies need to fight the loss of muscle mass and strength, according to the
American College of Sports Medicine. Strength training is the most important exercise
for those who are not fit.

Why Strength training is so important.

• Need to build muscle strength: Adults loose between 5-7 ponds of muscle every decade after age 20!

• Improve Functional Strength: Flexibility will make you less vulnerable to falls and other injuries.

• Increase Bone Mass & Density: Weight bearing and Resistive exercises help protect against osteoporosis.

• Lower Body Fat: Research in strength training demonstrated a 4 pound fat loss with a 15% increase in caloric intake.

• Reduce Low Back Pain: Strength training increases low back strength.

• Reduce Resting Blood Pressure.

• Reduce Pain of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tufts University Letter (1994) sensible strength training will re duce pain due to these conditions. Reduce Symptoms of other Chronic Diseases: Strength training helps reduce symptoms of Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other disorders.

• Enhance Personal Appearance: Increase self confidence and self esteem.


If you are afraid of starting a strength training program on your own seek the advice of a professional. He or she will design an exercise
regiment specific to your needs.

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