Physical Therapy in New Jersey, Fitness in Therapy has helped thousands of clients from New Jersey with their physical therapy needs, Ranging from young athletes to those with arthritic conditions. Our Physical Therapists are professionals in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, workplace injuries, balance disorders and joint replacement rehabilitation.

Your surgeon or primary care provider will prescribe Physical Therapy to aid in your recovery. You should engage the services of our New Jersey Physical Therapist as soon as possible.


Some may avoid physical therapy because of the pain that can be involved during treatment. However, failing to undergo physical therapy can result in permanent reduction in your range of motion, the net effect of which, ironically, can be long term pain in the affected joints, muscles or nerves.

Physicians are prescribing physical therapy more and more for patients with chronic pain as an alternate method to prescription medications. Many medications taken for pain can have detrimental long term effects on your health. Medications have been removed from the market because of their bad side-effects. Physical therapy is a drug-free method of pain management.

At Physical Therapy in New Jersey, our physical therapists are trained in the latest techniques and protocols. Fitness in Therapy is a state-of-the-art facility implementing the latest equipment, including aquatic therapy. It is important that you choose a physical therapist who has the experience and skill to take care of your physical therapy needs. Fitness in Therapy specializes in an innovative approach to Physical Therapy, helping you to your destination of resuming full activities.

At Fitness In Therapy, it is very clear that physical therapy education is a lifelong process. Our convenient location offers treatment in a contemporary and comfortable setting.

Our physical therapists at Fitness In Therapy are not just professionals in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, workplace injuries, balance disorders and joint rehabilitation, but are licensed by the State of New Jersey.


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