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Auto Injury

While auto accidents can be very serious, the results ranging from broken bones to other serious injuries, the most common accidents are simple fender-benders that often results in whiplash. A person who suffers whiplash injury is sometimes slow to seek treatment because the pain can be subtle and not seriously considered. However, whiplash can cause long-term health problems if it is not treated quickly and properly.

Because of whiplash, the soft tissues in the neck are damaged and physical therapy is necessary for healing and re-strengthening these important muscles. Physical therapy for whiplash includes both passive and active treatments, such as deep tissue massage and hot and cold therapies, as well as various exercises to improve your strength and range of motion. Each physical therapy program is individualized, taking into consideration your medical history and the extent of your injury. These strengthening treatments assure that your spine gets the strong support it needs.

Our knowledgeable and caring staff can relive the pain and debilitating condition of whiplash that stems from auto injury. Schedule an appointment with Physical Therapy in New Jersey today for the utmost in professional and caring treatment.

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