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Ankle Physical Therapy

One of the most common, but also serious injuries are those of the ankle. Often resulting in severe pain and a limited range of motion, ankle injuries can happen to athletes, the overweight and those who wear high-heeled shoes, whether in the course of playing sports or simply an accidental fall. The ankle is very susceptible to injury because it supports most of the body's weight. Fortunately proper ankle treatment can heal sprains and strains in 2 to 6 weeks, with more severe injuries taking up to 12 weeks to heal. It is important to know that patients who suffer an ankle injury are at high risk of re-injuring the ankle during and after recovery, so proper rehabilitation becomes extremely important

Ankle physical therapy composes an important part of proper ankle treatment. It restores balance and strength to this body part that is needed to support the rest of the body. Means of treatment may include coordination and stretching of the Achilles tendon and speed exercises. In the course of treatment ankles can be taped or supported with brace until the healing is completed.

Trust Physical Therapy in New Jersey to treat ankle injuries with proper techniques and the utmost care of ankle physical therapy.

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